Today is the day we publish our new website Manta Ecuador Pacific Coast Tours @ Noon!

I’m very excited this morning as I reflect back on my life the last two years! I’ve come to learn so much about myself and understand there is more to life outside of the US. What I mean by that is this, I love the US but there are many other countries and cultures that are different from ours. We are not any better than any other country, we may just have different ideals, different types of government, leadership and people. I have traveled a great deal in my life since 1969, when I took my first long, long trip to Alaska to see my father who was stationed in the Air Force at the time. My father and mother divorced when I was quite young, One. My maternal grandmother was raising me and when I got old enough, my paternal grandmother offered to take me to Alaska to see my father, which I did. I was only 14. I went again in 1973 and he moved to Kentucky around 1978 or so. I moved to Florida and began my new life at the age of 25. Since then I’ve been to very state but one, seen most Caribbean islands on various cruises, been to Mexico, Canada and Europe, the UK and Scotland.
Once I was so stressed out physically and emotionally approaching age 62, I made the bold decision to move to another country with a lower cost of living. I researched a lot and chose Manta, Ecuador!
This new venture I’m endeavoring upon is to have some fun and share the joy I’ve found here in Manta! Come visit me!

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