Update Finally!

We have been on quite the Journey since October 13, 2017! That is the date we officially moved into our condo at the Poseidon in Manta, Ecuador! AND we stayed for 5 complete months! During those months, I finally decompressed after 37 years of working during a very stressful life. I can’t say enough regarding how this move has changed me, and how much I want to share with you all about my new life. We are grateful to all who have supported me and Timón as we have taken this Journey. And I will be sharing a whole lot more here on this blog site in the next few days and more developments! Today however, I am going to celebrate my first Thanksgiving in Kentucky, after not being in Kentucky for over 37 years! So stay turned for more info the next few days, Timón and I have so much to tell you!!

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