Headed back to Manta, Ecuador

New resort in Manta

Hi everybody, it’s been a busy two months or so. The good news is that we are leaving Thursday to start our next Ecuador adventure! Timón and I are driving to Miami on Thursday, doing the stay 1 night and park free for a week at the Crown Plaza by the airport! We are staying the night and leaving Friday on Avianca Airlines. This is an Ecuadorian airline and I look forward to trying out their program of flights. They are a member of Star Alliance like United Airlines and others so I can transfer my United Miles for a future trip. I’m paying for this trip as I got a good rate. $650 round trip. Also you can check 2 bags free. And it flys directly into Manta after 2 stops! The Poseidon Condo and Hotel Resort has a shuttle and my place is only about 10 minutes from the airport! Super convenient.

I won’t be staying in the 2 bedroom 2 bath condo I’m buying there as the deal has not closed and it is currently rented. But Timón and I will be staying at the hotel portion of the Poseidon for the entire stay!

I’m meeting with my realtor over the weekend who will take me in the unit so I can start planning this new journey in my life. I’m pretty much going to have to buy all the furniture as it comes unfurnished and so far it doesn’t look feasible to ship my “stuff” over after all. But I’m ok with that. It will be like starting over completely with all new things and less stuff! I can take it slow and buy things as I need them. I really only need a bed, a couch, a refrigerator, microwave, washer dryer and a chair to sit on my patio so I can feel the breeze on the 14th floor facing southwest towards the Pacific and the mountains. AND I just talked to my new expat friends in Crucita(met last trip) who tell me it is now the beginning of whale season and I should see some whales!! They are coming up to see me Saturday afternoon. They are originally from Atlanta and are the sweetest people. I understand there is a social gathering of Expats on the beach on Saturday at 1 for lunch and then on Sunday there is a different breakfast gathering further down the beach at a different location!

Exciting posts to follow. I will post pictures on FB and also here. The internet is great in Manta at the Poseidon so that will NOT be an issue!

Catch ya later!

Lisa and Timón

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