Food Fare and Cuisine in and around Manta, Ecuador

One of the best features of going on the Manta Ecuador Pacific Coast Tour with Lisa the Explorer, will be many different restaurants and cuisines. You will enjoy the different food venues and they are INCLUDED in the price of your tour as a part of the package! With the hub city being Manta, and spending 3 of the nights in Manta, there will be different restaurants enjoyed each evening. When in Canoa and in Puerto Lopez, there will be different restaurant meals, also INCLUDED in the tour package. On the day back from Puerto Lopez, we will stop in Santa Marianita to enjoy a delicious meal, right on the beautiful beach, watching the sunset at one of Santa Marianita’s newest and most hip restaurants, EcuaBlue. They serve everything from burgers, to pizza, to seafood and many other options. The drinks are also a treat at EcuaBlue! We are including a few pictures for your pleasure and a short video clip, which Lisa the Explorer shot during her first year and 1/2 on the Manabi Province Coast!


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