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I decided to start this tour adventure for one simple reason; to share my joy of what I have found. I have Ecuadorians who will assist me with my very semi private tour of a maximum of 6 people for 9 days/8 nights, ALL INCLUSIVE, {hotels, meals, beverages, transportation, tour guides} along with Me and Timón!  (See tour tab for “non-inclusive” options) We just want to share the beauty of Manabí Coastal Beaches and the metropolitan city of Manta. It frustrates me that people think Ecuador is a “third world country”! Geez, I hate labels! What Ecuador is, IS a beautiful pristine country, with year round fantastic temperatures, whale watching. NO HURRICANES in Ecuador, ever, a relief for me coming from Florida. This is the country who owns and protectively cares for the Galápagos Islands the way Darwin would have wanted.

NO ONE will be pressuring you to buy any real estate, we will have an OPTIONAL 1/2 DAY SEMINAR where professionals and expats will be available for a meet and greet and question and answer session.  The cost of living here is quite low and if you are on limited resources as I am, it is right for many expats for sure.

The town of Manta is also very modern with good facilities and we have a concierge specialist with us on our excursion who can discuss many things people are curious about when it comes to medical, dental, hospitals, basically healthcare. They do have an IESS program, it is a system that does provide healthcare for all residents of Ecuador, and many expats do choose to become residents for this reason.

Some choose it because it is so awesome they don’t want to live anywhere else anymore. It is that simple. But recognizing, many people are just curious, AND may not be looking to make any BIG moves, I want you to know, AND have my personal word and guarantee, NO ONE is going to try to sell you anything. However if you are curious and want to look, there will be opportunities to meet the #1 Real Estate Producer of the Greater Manta area, Ryan Kelly, his wife Tiffany and their team from Ecuador Shores Reality at the meet and greet to answer any questions you may have! Also Top Dental Dentistry, Victor Carreno, who is English speaking, and his wife Jennifer, can explain the low cost of dental care in Ecuador and how it works. Juan, who is my Tour and Transportation specialist, will BE SHOWING US beautiful Manabi Province, where he was born and raised, and will be with us on the tour! Remember, it is 9 days and 8 nights, ALL INCLUSIVE! It is a great deal for what you will expect and how you will feel when you leave! Hope to see you soon!

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